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January 23rd, 2007

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11:43 am - Good vibrations
Hey y'all!

I am taking the GRE this afternoon, at 1:30, and I would like to harness the awesome power of my f-list -- all of you think REALLY POSITIVE THOUGHTS at me this afternoon, will you?

I will report back later.


I have been waiting to post about the cervical dysplasia until I get back the biopsy results -- but preliminary news is Very Good! The lesion wasn't there when my doctor looked. We'll know for certain once we get the cytology results back, though.

[Edited to add: Y'all must have been working some serious voodoo out there! Initial results ARE IN: 750 Verbal, 730 Quantitative! I'll hear about the essay section in a couple weeks.

w00t! Again I say: w00t!

My plan is to go back to grad school in the fall, at CUNY, in sociology, with the goal being to study People Like Us. Which is to say: Geeks, freaks, polyamorists, netizens, all that sort of thing. More as that develops! Application is due Feb 1st, I should hear in, um, I think April? Sometime around then.]

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Date:January 23rd, 2007 06:09 pm (UTC)
**sends positive thoughts eastward**

So I guess you're probably taking the GRE because you have plans to go to grad school? As opposed to, say, for the sheer fun of it? What are you planning to study?

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