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December 31st, 2006

04:50 am - And if I shed a tear I won't cage it, I won't fear love
Or: bodhisattva-wannabe=me.

I made a long long post over at my regular blog, and instead of copying it over here, I'll just link to it: http://www.yarnivore.com/mt/archives/001739.html

It's about dealing with fear. It felt really calming to work through, so I thought I'd make sure I shared it with my LJ reader-friends as well as my blog-reader friends.

A handful of resolutions are in the offing; I suppose I'll get to those tomorrow. It's been a damn good year, this one -- but that doesn't mean I don't also look forward to 2007.

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December 30th, 2006

05:27 am - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
I swear I didn't game the test -- why doesn't it think I'm more slothful than this? But yeah, that's me, whirling around with Paolo and Francesca.

Greed:Very Low
Wrath:Very Low
Envy:Very Low
Lust:Very High
Pride:Very Low

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on 4degreez.com

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December 25th, 2006

04:39 am - It's Christmastime in the city
A quick update before a longer essay-type post: I am stone-free! Yay!

I had the lithotripsy on Tuesday the 19th, and I am told that the kidney stone was very soft and was completely pulverized by the sound waves. Huzzah! The stent came out at the same time. I was in some fairly minor discomfort due to the stent removal; the lithotripsy discomfort has been intermittent and mostly tolerable.

My only recourse at this point is to drink lots of water; we'll never know about the composition of the stone, because it was so completely OBLITERATED that there isn't anything to analyze. (I must add that I find this minorly bogus -- I know I analyzed lots of crap in chem class that didn't have any visible chunks in it -- why can't they just spectroscope my urine?) Ah well.

Thanks for all the many many well wishes! I am very happy to have a pain-free Christmas!

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December 4th, 2006

11:08 pm - I've got your old ID and you're all dressed up like the Cure
[x-posted from blog]

It's me! I'm home! Yay!

Francis did a rather brilliant job of providing updates, so I'm here to give you the final score and the color commentary.

Sunday afternoon I saw a urologist who told me that because the kidney stone was so fucking enormous (or words to that effect), there was no chance in hell I'd pass it on my own, and they'd have to pulverize it. In the meantime, however, my kidney was near exploding, because the stone was blocking my ureter (hence all the WILDLY EXCRUCIATING PAIN OMG). So he felt he should put in a stent to open up the passage.

My first reaction upon hearing this was, "Hmm. That sounds plausible. I wonder what Google has to say about it?" But I was in the ER with NO GOOGLE and had to make a medical decision just using the brain in my head, instead of relying on the lobe of my brain I keep in the ether. I said "Hell yes" and he told me he'd do it at 7pm. The procedure itself was Not So Bad, although I felt a bit shaky just before it -- the sort of shaky with repeating thoughts of "I have just signed a consent form to let them put WHAT? WHERE? Dude!" But it all went just fine.

Afterwards I got my first full night's sleep in several days, even with a catheter and a IV drip -- it was Just That Good to be not in pain and in a real bed. My room-mate tells me (because *her* medical problem and treatments kept her up all night) that not only did I snore (probably because I was heavily drugged and flat on my back) but that I also talked in my sleep. Something about someone who "had no respect". I wish I knew more! The idea of things I say in my sleep *fascinates* me.

This morning was all straightforward; I had a list of things to accomplish before they'd let me out. They removed the catheter, I had breakfast, I peed on my own (yay!), I saw the urologist. And then they gave me some prescriptions and let me go. Wheeeeeee! I have never been so happy to brush my teeth, or take a hot shower, or lie on my own dear couch knitting. Mmmmm.

The lithotripsy is going to be in a couple of weeks, when I get back from a short trip to DC and a longer trip to see my mom. He could have done it on Wednesday, but said that since the stent-insertion is a little traumatic, and lithotripsy is a little traumatic, he'd rather space them out more, and having the stent in for two weeks is not a big deal. I'm not in any kidney-related pain at all anymore, so I'm inclined to agree.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the nice notes and calls and everything -- it's made the whole thing a little more bearable to be able to remember that My Team is enormous and loving and wonderful, and the kidney stone is just a little 7mm scrap of mineral. We will vanquish the fucker!

There are many funny human-interest anecdotes I could relate, but I should go lie back down on the couch. Here's one, though. My room-mate, Peggy, was 63, a lifelong Windsor Terrace resident (she lives right around the corner from me). She said very sweet, but slightly strange, things to me all night and morning. "Are you a writer? You have a beautiful vocabulary," is one example. This morning she sat chatting with me about her life, which I drew her out on. Somewhere in there she asked, "So, is that goth? What you do with your hair and that little earring over your eye?" I let her know that I've got my own thing going on, and it doesn't so much have a name. (^_^)

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05:07 am - The drums march along at the clip of an IV drip
(Cross-posted from Miles of Yarn)

Hello again, everyone -- Rose is still "in hospital", as they say "across the pond", so it continues (albeit not for much longer) to fall to me to bring you updates. She's had the stent put in and is, at the moment, catheterized, so that the incredible amount of saline solution they've been pumping into her will have somewhere to go. Everything seems to have gone perfectly smoothly, and when I left, she had shaken off the anesthesia and was chilling out comfortably with a book on her Palm Pilot.

The catheter comes out in the morning, and then she'll be discharged not long after, and should be home a little before noon tomorrow. The night nurse, Irving, confirmed (or so it sounded) that her lithotripsy appointment (to break up the stone) will be on Wednesday; in most cases that procedure doesn't require an overnight stay, and hopefully that will hold true in Rose's case.

Thanks for all your supportive comments!

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December 3rd, 2006

09:43 pm - Quick update
Francis again, with a brief update. Rose will be having a stent inserted in a couple hours, to relieve the pressure on her kidney, and will have to spend the night at the hospital, but will be discharged in the morning, and then will most likely have the lithotripsy done on Wednesday.

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11:47 am - This is our emergency
(Cross-posted from Miles of Yarn)

Hello, everyone. Francis here, with an update about the state of the Rose. We spent another night in the ER -- this one didn't have the same bureaucratic hellpit sort of feel that Tuesday night's visit had, but it still took forever for Rose to be seen by a doctor, because apparently there's never really a good night to go to the emergency room -- and, in fact, Rose is still in the process of spending the night there. But I get ahead of myself.

Rose has been having some pretty intense kidney pain over the past couple days, which we and her doctor have been assuming is to do with the post-strep inflammation that was previously diagnosed. She's been on Percocet for the pain, which was helping tremendously, but then this afternoon, while we were at the Brooklyn Museum, the pain went through the roof, and the Percocet didn't help at all. Rose called Dr. Carpenter, who apologetically said, yeah, you need to go to the emergency room, I'm afraid. We called all the car services in the area, none of whom had cars available, and our friend Adam came to the rescue and picked us up at the museum. Mostly my reaction to learning that someone owns a car in New York City is a kind of aghast awe, like, "Whoa, you wrestle cobras for a living? That's intense," but I can see how it comes in handy now and again, and thank goodness some of our friends are willing to bite that bullet.

Anyway, they finally found Rose a room in the ER, and I'm sure she will have many details to relate upon her return about the nice medical student who was very bad at putting in an IV, etc., but the upshot is, they gave her a CAT scan (and -- after much anticipation -- some pain medication that worked) and she's got a rather big kidney stone (7 mm) in her right kidney. This would also account for all the symptoms she's been having, so it seems quite possible that the whole strep thing was a red herring. We'll see.

So she's been admitted to the hospital, and is waiting for a bed to open up so they can move her upstairs from her nook in the emergency room. Until about an hour ago, she and I were both napping uncomfortably in her room, and when we both awoke from our fitful slumbers she firmly sent me on my way to get some sleep that could not be described as "in a swivel chair leaning on a sink". Happily, right before I left, Rose noticed that the reclined chair which she had been having a not-very-comfortable time sleeping in looked like the sort of thing that could be adjusted, and I managed to figure out the controls (having played many Myst games, and thus being very practiced at figuring out mysterious machines that don't come with instructions) and make it be more flat and horizontal, the better to keep her comfortable and able to sleep until they get her to a real bed.

There will be more to report in a little while (I would say "tomorrow morning", but it is already 6:30 a.m.), when Rose sees the urologist. Probably what will happen is that they will do they thing where they break up the kidney stone by shooting sound waves at it. No idea how quickly they'll be able to get the procedure done. Hopefully, Rose will be home in time to write the next update herself. Wish her luck.

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December 1st, 2006

10:43 pm - I piece by piece replace myself and the steel and circuits will make me whole
[x-posted from blog; the skinny on what I'm sick with is in the entry before this one, there.]


I was getting better, but now I'm feeling worse. It's the same thing, and my doctor still thinks it's nothing to "worry" about, while at the same time starting me on a diuretic and an antibiotic, and giving me Percocet for pain.

Because, you see, I am in a lot of pain. (Not at the moment -- Percocet, yay!) But last night, and then again just now: WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE. Who knew kidneys could cause so much pain? I mean, I know kidney stones made Montaigne want to die, and I know that people are always getting sucker-kicked in the kidneys in movies. But dude, seriously: You do not want your kidneys fucked up.

Here's the thing. I have trouble asking for people to take care of me when I'm sick, due to all sorts of stuff too wearisome to go into. But even I can tell that NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK.

I would like to be fussed over, please. Send me funny links to things, call, email, IM me if I'm online. I'm sick, and kind of not-so-secretly-worried that this is seriouser than we hope it will be, and even if it is going to resolve soon, it still sucks HORRIBLY. It's scary to feel this bad.

[NB: I think the above is all in coherent English, but I am *stoned* on Percocet right now.]

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November 23rd, 2006

03:09 pm - Happy Thanksgiving!
Wildly positive post by me at http://www.yarnivore.com/runblog/, giving thanks for a great huge list of stuff.

Love love love --

-- Rose

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November 17th, 2006

11:12 pm - What a pain in the neck!
Both my cervixes are busted! I found out that my shoulder/neck pain is "cervical radiculopathy" -- a fancy way to say I've got a pinched nerve. Grr. Treatment includes:

wearing a backpack over both shoulders instead of a messenger bag slung across my middle
mousing left instead of right (and I've also changed to a trackball, to make it easier to do)
and keeping up with yoga and other regular exercise

Why do I gotta be middle-aged? Meh! This is all very undignified.

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